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Amusement Park Collection

A visual collection of the graphic design and illustration work promoting Portland's amusement parks.

With curation by PNCA student Simcha Einhorn.

Slide 1: An ad from Lotus Isle’s 1931 season. In this ad, the architecture of the park as well as the various attractions take up focal space, surrounding the text on two of the four sides.

Slide 2: A program from Lotus Isle’s 1932 walkathon. Live updates were broadcast five times a day on KWJJ while the event was in progress.

Slide 3: A promotional flyer for Lotus Isle’s 1931 event “Jello Week”. $15,000 in prizes were available to be won. This event took place at the Peacock Ballroom and was among many events/danceathons held in the space.

Slide 4: An advertisement from the Portland Morning Oregonian for Lotus Isle’s 1931 season (the second season of its three)

Slide 5: An advertisement from the June 27th, 1930 issue of the Portland News-Telegram, advertising the grand opening of Lotus Isle and all its features.

Slide 6: An ad from Lotus Isle’s first season describing the spectacle of the man who cannot be killed. The ad is signed by the park’s manager, notorious showman T.H. Eslick who had helmed three amusement parks previously and would go on to manage one more after Lotus Isle.


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