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Dale Ott

Dale Ott was a graduate of Museum Art School and was a prominent designer in the 1960s and beyond.


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Notes from Kenneth R O'Connell:

  • Dale Ott was a student of David Foster at Springfield High School just like Tom Lincoln, but was a year or two younger. Foster thought he had such great potential that as he moved to the University of Oregon to teach, he had Dale come and sit in on his University classes.

  • Dale got a scholarship to the Museum Art School and moved with his young wife to Portland just after high school (late 1950s). He later divorced and has been married to his current wife at least 45 years.

  • Dale was a rebel and took on everyone. He and Doug Lynch tangled a lot and when they both competed for the new Hilton Hotel Restaurant menu design and Dale won, Doug was not happy with his student.

  • Dale was individual and out of the main stream because he was so independent. He had a big company in the 1960s, and then let everyone go. For years it was only a two person operation with him as designer and a strong technical person. He knew all the Portland printers and got amazing results from them.

Below: Some pieces designed by Dale Ott for various galleries found at Monograph Bookwerks.


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