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Museum Art School

The Museum Art School was the original name of PNCA and was Oregon's first prominent art school.


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Portland Art Museum School entry in Oregon Encyclopedia

In October 1909, the Portland Art Association (PAA) opened its school, at the time the Pacific Northwest’s most significant education program in the studio arts. In 1933, it was named the Museum Art School (MAS). The Art School, as it was called, complemented the burgeoning museum efforts of the seventeen-year-old PAA and created the region’s first museum art school, similar to programs in eastern cities in the late nineteenth century.


Collection of Museum Art School pamphlets from 1950s and 1960s.

Museum Art School on the corner of SW Madison and 10th. Pietro Belluschi Designed the Portland Art Museum, on the South Park Blocks behind the Museum Art School in 1931. Photograph circa 1930-1939.

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Mar 18

Are there any interior photographs of the Museum Art School available?

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