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Rose Festival Collection

A visual collection of the graphic design and illustration work promoting the Portland Rose Festival.

Poster Designs and ephemera for the Annual Rose Festival (1910, 1911, 1912, 1916, 1939)

Curated by PNCA students Torey Woods and Wyatt Crutchfield.

Slides 1-4: Posters pulled from

Slide 5: The ticket promoting Rose Festival week in 1939 was put out by the The Portland Traction Company (later called Rose City Transit and then TriMet). The Portland Traction Company operated public transportation and issued weekly passes from 1936 -1939 to increase electric streetcar ridership. These passes were decorative design pieces that changed weekly and promoted a variety of public service announcements. The two local illustrators known to be producers of this work are Lawrence Russell Lewton and Richard Lawlor. More information. Credit: Oregon Historical Society.


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