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Sports Collection

A visual collection of the graphic design and illustration work promoting Portland's athletic teams.

With curation by PNCA students Emma Schoeni, Caroline Maclean, and Guidian Owen.

College Football & Basketball Programs & Ephemera

Programs and ephemera from University of Oregon, University of Portland, Oregon State University, Willamette University, Portland State, Linfield College and Lewis & Clark. Illustrators vary, may not be local artists. Credit: Don Vinson.

Illustration with dog from the 1910 Oregana (UO Yearbook).

Illustration from University of Oregon from a November 3, 1934 football program.

The green and orange fabric design is from a 1910 University of Oregon tobacco felt promoting the baseball program. Tobacco felts were inserted or banded to tobacco product packaging in the early 1900's as collectible items with decorative graphics. They could be quilted into wall hangings, pillow cases, or other products.

Portland Beavers Ephemera

Portland Beavers button; Scorebooks for the Portland Beavers, 1948, 1956; Portland Beavers Baseball program, advertising the Portland Baseball Club.

Eugene Olympic Trials

Program for the 1972 Olympic Trials held at Hayward Field.


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