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Studio 1030

Studio 1030 was an influential design studio in Portland the early 1960s. Located at 316 SW 11th Ave (in what was most recently the Fez Ballroom), Studio 1030 was a shared office space for freelancers, but who sold themselves as a team. Jobs would come in through the Sales Representative, Bud Hjoth who represented all 15 artists. The job would then be assigned according to skill-set, seniority and availability.

Designer Tom Lincoln reflects, “I rented a desk [at Studio 1030]. The older guys would get the assignments and they would have us do paste-ups. I was at an apprentice stage in my life where I would do paste-ups for $10 an hour.” Thanks to the collaborative nature of the creative professionals in Studio 1030, Tom found work and was able to shadow some of the best in the business.

Studio 1030 in 1960, photographed by Don Condit.

Back row: Ray Rogers, Roy Brear, Bennet Norrbo; Don MacGregor, Joe Cannon, unknown, Don Kopp, Joe Erceg, Ed De Temple, Stan Putman, Dick Wiley.

Front row: Charles Politz, Bud Hjorth, Jack Myers, Marilyn Holsinger

Left to right: Mark Norrander, Bennet Norrbo, Joe Cannon, and Joe Erceg in 1963.

Frank Roehr on Studio 1030's start

recorded via phone, 3/30/12 by Tim Leigh

"Doug Lynch and Don McGregor, after Lynch’s stint at Jantzen, formed a studio, the first around here. Was called Studio 303, and later changed to Studio 1030. Both were illustrators as much as designers and their work — and Portland design — evolved out of illustrative commercial art. People like Bob Reynolds and Irwin McFadden (himself a constructivist designer) were also part of the base.

People like Mark Norrander, Bennett Norrbo, portraitist Dick Wiley, Jack Myers, Bud Hjorth, and Joe Erceg (a true designer) arrived a little later and joined the effort at Studio 1030. "


Studio 1030 Sales Sheets

Dick Wiley

Bennet Norrbo

Marilyn Holsinger

Don Kopp

Don MacGregor

Jack Myers

Ed De Temple

Joe Erceg

Ray Rogers

Roy Brear

Stan Putnam

Charles Politz

Sales Rep: Bud Hjorth


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