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Transit Collection

A visual collection of the graphic design and illustration work promoting Portland's transportation systems.

With curation support by PNCA students Lena Gonzales and Audrey Shuman.

Slide 1: Ad introducing LIFT door-to-door transit service for travelers with disabilities, 1976.

Slide 2: TriMet improvement ad, 1975.

Slide 3: Fareless square illustration,1975.

Slide 4: Ad announcing flat fares for the first time, 1975.

Slide 5: TriMet Winter booklet, 1970-71.

TriMet Ride Atlas 1978

The TriMet Ride Atlas from 1978 introduction states, "You have changed and so has public transit in the tri-county area." This atlas with bold infographics is a complete 101 of the metro area transit system. Source: Jason McHuff.

TriMet Map Collection

Source: Jason McHuff.

Slide 1: 1970 TriMet map

Slide 2-3: 1974 TriMet map

Slide 4: 1980 TriMet map

Slide 5: 1984 TriMet map

Portland Traction Co. Weekly Passes 1936 -1939

The Portland Traction Company (later called Rose City Transit and then TriMet) operated public transportation and started issuing weekly passes from 1936 -1939 to increase electric streetcar ridership. These passes were decorative design pieces that changed weekly and promoted a variety of public service announcements. The two local illustrators known to be producers of this work are Lawrence Russell Lewton and Richard Lawlor. More information. Credit: Oregon Historical Society. OHS Museum, 2007-12.1.461


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