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Vanport Collection

A visual collection of the graphic design and illustration work promoting Vanport.

With curation support by PNCA students Jared Mendez and Laura Quintero Anton.

Sources:, Oregonian, PSU Archives.

Slide 1-2: Maps of the planned wartime housing project in Vanport. Vanport was the nation’s largest wartime housing development, a site for social innovation, from 1942-1948. Credit: Oregon Historical Society, Neg. OrHi 94480. Oregon Historical Society

Slide 3: A newspaper clipping from the Vanport flood covers the hunt for missing people. Source: The Oregon Journal.

Slide 4: Vanport disaster meeting flyer for the discussion on locating victims and how to deal with the housing crisis.

Slide 5: The original campus map/plan for Vanport Center College in 1946. The school was launched to serve returning WWII veterans and their families, but after the flood, was relocated to Portland and became Portland State University.

Slide 6-7: Vanport Center brochure from 1946 with information on housing and courses offered at Vanport Extension Center.

Slide 8: Poster advertising the Vanport Extension Center.

Slide 9-10: The roots of the PSU Viking is the Vanport Viking, named in 1946, shown here in the yearbook in 1947 (green) and 1948.


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